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This company specialized production brushless toothed gear motor.

Product adduction substructure in 2007 has been approved by the state intellectual property office granted the national patent, and its features high efficiency and energy saving, bearing capacity is strong.

At present our company research and development has batch production dual speed tricycle motors, its advantages :

1, safety: beginner or back, use against, increase security.

2, climbing: likewise current, resist creep torque doubled.

3, mileage: resist driving, prolong the continuation line mileage 20-30 km.

4, battery life: a small current large torque, effectively ease the impact of current to the battery, so as to extend battery life 30%, reduce the use cost.

It is the most advanced the most scientific a tricycle motors.

Big tiger brushless motor, the domestic first double group hall, this product by China compulsory CCC authentication, patent products, efficient save electricity.

Brushless speed motor advantages :

1, brushless speed motor life than a brush series motor life increased three times.

2, brushless speed motor battery life increased by 30%.

3, brushless speed motor 1000 w controller current limiting 90 ampere, can achieve small current large torque, the battery is not easy fever, increase the battery life.

A brush series motor faults :

1, brush series motor hundreds of hours before efficiency in 78-80%. The carbon brush began to wear, efficiency to reduce to below 75%. Current will be big, small torque, motor fever, burning motor, directly influence the battery life.

2, brush series motor controller didn't limited flow, starting current will reach 200 ampere above, discharge current is too large, battery burning, affects the battery life.